Hello everyone,

My name is Stephanie Grossauer, I am 20 years old and live in Sudbury Ontario. In 2007 I was diagnosed with an Ectopic Pregnancy and almost lost my life at the same time, the doctors told me that the likelihood of ever conceiving again was very slim and if I did it would more than likely be another ectopic. My left fallopian tube was removed and my right fallopian tube was severely scared. Not only was I told I was lucky to be alive but also that I might never fulfill my want to be a mother. After I got out of the hospital it was hard, I had never felt like this before! A couple of people told me that it was probably just the surgery and nothing to worry about since “it’s not like there was anything to cry over”.

In 2008 I found out I was pregnant again, I went straight to the emergency room like the doctors had told me, I received a transvaginal ultrasound. The technician turned the screen and my heart skipped a beat, there it was a tiny little heartbeat on the black and white monitor, but it became the best moment in my life at that point. The months went by and my pregnancy progressed perfectly, I did everything in my power to make sure nothing went wrong and that I took care of myself and my baby. On December 31st, 2009 I discovered that I was having a little boy, he was to be named Nickolas Michael Walker. At that moment I knew that everything in my life revolved around that little boy (not that it already hadn’t) and I was link to him for life. He was and always will be my miracle baby, he has taught myself and anyone associated with him more in life than any person or professor could ever have. On Saturday May 23rd, 2009 Nickolas Michael Walker was born and I was cast in a world that no one should ever have to visit let alone live in. My life had changed forever!