If your friend or loved one recently lost a baby, there are several things you can do to help him cope with the death:

  • Be supportive: He may need you to help him with funeral arrangements including driving him to the funeral home, picking out a casket or selecting flowers.
  • Don’t judge: If your loved one refuses to talk about the child’s death, don’t force him or judge him. He may not be ready to talk, bringing it up may only agitate him or make him sad.
  • Listen: When he is ready to start talking, be there to listen. Tell him how sorry you are for his loss. Do not throw clich├ęs at him, because he does not want to hear them. He only wants his child’s mother to be happy again and to have his baby alive.
  • Help him with simple tasks: If his lawn needs mowing or groceries purchased, then step in and do those things without his asking. If there are siblings around, then offer to take them to the movies or the park to give the parents some well-needed rest.
  • Offer financial support: Many times, an unexpected death of an infant can create a huge financial burden. If you are able, loan some money to the family to help pay for the funeral or medical bills. If you are unable to give money, then help set-up a fund-raiser or collection to assist with these needs.