Unfortunately it happens one day to everyone, and it’s so hard to do but here’s a template for an obituary if you can’t think of anything. My condolences if you’ve gotten to this page 😦

Using a template or a format to write-up an obituary will ensure that you include all of the pertinent information about the individual who died. Just think of the obituary template as a checklist, filling in or marking off each section as it is completed. Information typically found in an obituary template includes:

  • Announcement and name
    • Full legal name
    • Age
    • Date of death
    • Place and cause of death
    • City and state of residence
  • Short biography
    • Date and place of birth
    • Names of parents and siblings
    • Information about childhood including friends, schools, etc.
    • Distinguished awards
    • Places of employment
    • Hobbies or interests
    • Religious affiliations
    • Disappointments
    • Anecdotes and other short stories
  • Surviving family
    • Spouse or significant other
    • Children (and their spouses) and grandchildren
    • Parents and siblings
    • Nieces, nephews and other family members
    • Friends
    • Pets
  • Predeceased family (same order as surviving members)
  • Funeral service and burial
    • Time, day, date and place
    • Names of officiate, pallbearers, speakers, etc.
    • Times, dates and place of visitation
    • Place of internment
    • Name and address of funeral home
    • Memorial donations (include address and/or phone number)

You can add or exclude any of these items, just as you can expand them. Some obituaries allow room for photographs, and those published online even have space for a variety of graphics.