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Online Memorial

The Internet has created new ways to share, cherish, and remember our loved ones through online memorials. Videos, text entries, recordings, music, and photographs can be combined into a permanent web page to memorialize and remember the deceased.

This also helps for younger members of a family when they are growing up and may want to know about a deceased relative who died when the child was very young. Some websites to visit are and


Souvenirs, memorabilia and even some clothing and even some clothing can certainly be kept. In fact, putting old photographs in albums can be a task that is very rewarding at this time. It helps the bereaved recall happy memories.


It may be very rewarding and good therapy for you to donate your child’s toys and other belongings to a children’s home or to the children’s wing at a hospital or hospice. In thus way, the energy of your child’s possessions is passed onto other children. A part of him continues to brighten the lives of others.

(This works with any lost loved one)

Honor your loved one by giving them the stars! What a beautiful way to memorialize your loved one. Since 1979, the International Star Registry has been bringing these drams to earth by offering a unique and magical opportunity to name a star. Plus, when you purchase your star through the MISS, a portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to the combined efforts of MISS and Arizona SIDS Alliance. The star kit includes a certificate, a telescope coordinated for locating the named star, a large sky chart with the star circled for easy identification, an astronomy booklet, and a memorial letter.

Many people find comfort in developing a memorial, informational pamphlet, or organization in their loved ones name. Other people have developed or founded organizations, and some people have found peace in starting a scholarship to a child who wants to pursue an interest similar to their loved one.

There are many things you can do to remember the deceased. Whether it’s a friend, parent, child ect. Here are just a few things that might help make it just that much easier.

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