My sister wrote this for Nick today :)…

For a Special Nephew

A year has passed already
I wish I heard a sound
I know I should be smiling
But upon my face there’s a frown

The first time I saw your smile
I thought I heard a “ding”
But then the day came
When you would last hear us sing

If you were still here we would watch movies
I’d play with you all day
And if I heard you cry
I would you wipe your tears away

When you got older I would let you ride my bike
I’d help you practice Martial Arts
I would read you lots of bedtime stories
And just to make you laugh, I’d let you hear my farts

But before that came you were taken away
And now we have to start
Just thinking of the memories
That we keep within our hearts

Every day I think of you
And how you are not here
But I’ll always remember
That you are always near

Although you are not here today
Your name makes us know
That we all love and miss you Nick
And it’s hard to let you go!

Happy Birthday to the best nephew in the world! I love you with all my heart and I miss you so much.

Love Ashlee